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We look forward to working with you. Please complete the below order form with as
much information as possible. We will contact you with any questions we have. If
you have any questions, please contact us at 877-483-0427

Order Form

Information Sheet for the “Relinquished” Property
(Property you are selling)

Please complete the following information and then upload, fax or email your Purchase and Sale Agreement (contract) to (408) 996-0823 or


1. Taxpayer’s (your) Name(s), as title is vested (look at your Deed):

If the Taxpayer named above is an entity such as a partnership, LLC or corporation, please also provide name & title of the authorized person who will sign documents (ex. Jane Smith, managing member):

2. Social Security Number(s) or Federal Tax ID:

3. Property Address: (you are selling):

4. Your Mailing Address and Your Contact Info:

Will you be taking back a Note/Seller financing/Seller second?

Buyer's Name:

How would you like to receive your 1031 Exchange documents for signature? (choose one)
Will you be taking cash out of this closing?

Please note if you are buying or selling from a relative, you need to seek the advice of your tax counsel.

When your transaction concludes, would you like for us to send your CPA/tax preparer a package of information needed to report your exchange on your tax return? If so, please provide the following information:

Tax Preparer's Name:

Maximum file size: 50MB

***Remember: Purchase and Sale Agreement (contract) must be uploaded, faxed or emailed before we can prepare your exchange paperwork***

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